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Facial Reflexology Technique ‘Dien Chan Zone’

This is a first time in Germany!
We are pleased to welcome Beatrice Moricoli from AIRFI Academy (Milan) and Moises
Moricoli, academy teacher, will share her Facial Reflexology Technique ‘Dien Chan Zone’
developed in Italy.
This great lady has been working for 25 years and in this intensive weekend course will
transmit the complete program that allows students to perform a complete and tailored
treatment on specific cases right away.
In the seminar is included:

The complete "Operator Course" manual
An instrument for performing treatments
Presence on international site
Whatsapp group for an istant Q&A
Free monthly meeting to practice together and review contents

History and development of the Technique
Muscular osteo-articular system maps
Use of the universal tool on the face
Search of microzones and personal points with our receiver
Presentation of the protocol to follow for each treatment: Relaxation, Toning and
Mandatory Basic Points
20/30 minutes sitting treatment with tool
Work on personal blocks
Explanation and practice: 40 minutes of guided treatment (protocol and personalized
maps according to specific symptoms)
Questions and sharing impressions about the treatment

Protocol review
Treatment on students by the teacher
Review of the muscular osteo-articular system maps
Internal organs maps
Extra maps
Personal blocks and creation of personalised maps
Rules to perform a complete and personalised treatment (internal organic and
musculoskeletal systems)
Treatment in pairs for a 60 minutes treatment on a specific case
Review of the maps studied throughout the weekend
Creation of instructions to give receivers after the session for a self treatment

Kursdaten 2019

04.Mai - 05.Mai 2019

Starting date 4 May 10:00

Ending date 5 May 19:00

Price for 2 days: 450 euros

All fees paid are non-transferable and non-refundable. In paying for this course you agree
to these terms.


Beatrice Moricoli
AIRFI, Milan, Italy
Co-Founder of AIRFI and author of the book 'Dien Chan Facial Reflexology: Heal Yourself
With Your Hands'. Beatrice discovered Dien Chan due to her fluency in French; her first
contact with the method was work translating for Doctor Nhuan Le Quang. From there on
she realised the Vietnamese approach was not compatible with the western method and
created an adaptation to make it accessible to everyone. Her work took the name of Dien
Chan Zone and was approved by Nhuan Le Quang. She convert the technique in a
therapy, keeping the solid Vietnamese base.

Moises Moricoli
AIRFI, Milan, Italy
Facial reflexology teacher. He trained in Milan at AIRFI. His skills of therapist are the
results of a path started when he was 19 years old, when he started to deal with the
concept of energy and healing. His strong interest and desire to share and help others
with the insights he acquired throughout the following years led him to deepen his
formation with several techniques. When he started learning the basic concepts of the
Vietnamese technique of Facial Reflexology he felt it resonated the best with his
personality. Beatrice Moricoli, his aunt, has been a crucial presence in his life as she
guided him since his early age and shared her final creation, Dien Chan Zone, with which
he fell in love as well.

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